Residential and Corporate Moving

DFT  Logistics offers local and interstate moving services. Office, residential and corporate moves. Flat and hourly rates available. Our competitive rates fit most moving budgets. We understand moving can be very stressful and time consuming, let our trained professionals provide you great moving service and peace of mind.


Top rated among moving companies Phoenix, Scottsdale and the nation. We provide full service moving with packing assistance and labor only services available, Your valuables are always covered with us. Get free basic coverage or full valuation coverage.

Residential Moves

Moving out of a house or apartment? Our professional movers will make the process easy and stress free. If you’re searching for discount moving companies Phoenix, Scottsdale all of Arizona and beyond, contact an agent to reserve your move today.

Commercial Moves

Commercial Relocation can be a headache, DFT makes it affordable and efficient. Our skilled professional movers have serviced commercial moves of all sizes from small offices to huge warehouses. Our techs move most industrial furniture and equipment.


When selecting moving companies DFT Logistics is a top choice due to our state of the art moving equipment & vehicles. We have spacious 28′ moving trucks and 53′ moving vans for moves and relocations of all types. Competitive rates and superb professionalism, insures that DFT Logistics remains a preferred transportation provider.

Professional Teams

Our team is made up of certified transportation experts. Each moving crew is uniformed and equipped with tools needed for your move. We always provide you the best movers Phoenix, Scottsdale and nationwide. See our five star reviews.


With 14+ years of local and long distance moving, we have the experience needed to perform your move in a safe and professional manner, we always provide references DFT is a top choice with moving companies Phoenix, Scottsdale and all of Arizona.

Fair & Honest Rates

We have no hidden fees. We offer fair, honest and transparent rates written on a contract. Our reputation is the main reason we continue to provide repeat business year after year to happy customers. We are trusted movers Phoenix and the nation.

Full Range

Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, our movers will get your valuables to your destination in a safe and secure manner. We have discount moves this month from Phoenix to the following states; CA, NV, OR, UT, CO, NM, TX.

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Moving Tips and Guide

    1 – How To Increase Your Moving Budget

One of the fastest ways to increase your moving budget is to simply give away stuff or donate some of your possessions. When you donate items to charity, you definitely want to save all receipts and forms. Your donation receipts can be used to claim tax deductions on your federal income tax at the end of the year. Getting rid of some items that you no longer need allows you to save money on your move, this puts you in a position of having a small amount of inventory on move day.

Now if you have lots of high valued clothing, furniture, electronics and more you might want to consider having a yard sale or online sale. We suggest This site allows you to feature your stuff for quick sale and it’s free. You can also consider having an auction. Many of our clients even suggest well known consignment shops with great online reviews. Another way to save money is to inquire about discounts such as military, senior, small business and new corporate account discounts. At DFT we provide our clients efficient, cost-effective stress free professional discount moving service.

2 – Proper Packing Techniques

If you decide to complete the packing portion of your move without the use of our experienced moving and logistics techs, here our some very important tips and techniques that will be useful while packing and boxing up your items. Start by sectioning off or zoning each room in the property, this will guarantee a smooth organized process. Now make sure you have all the proper tools such as tape, labels, trash bags, scissors, markers and snacks for break time! In order to prevent breakage and damage during moving use proper packing material or contact DFT about purchasing professional packing and filling material, The last you want to unpack at your

destination address is a bunch of broken China.  Pack all heavy items toward the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top. Limit the weight per box under 50 pounds; trust us this well make handling and stacking the boxes much more manageable. After your have completed a zone, don’t be shy with the markers and labels make sure to write the room and contents in each box and also make a itemized inventory list that you can compare with the DFT inventory inventory list. Don’t forget we offer full service professional moving which includes all top grade moving materials.

          3 – Proper Handling & Moving Of Electronics

At DFT we are focused on getting all your high value items to there destination in the safest and most secure method possible, we strongly stress on proper packing and handling technique for all your items especially sensitive electronics components such as laptops, desktops, tablets, LED TVs and the newer thinner UHD 4K-8K TVs, these are what we call specialty sensitive items.

These items command special packing and attention, we always recommend using original packaging and materials if unable to locate the original boxes don’t worry we carry hundreds of boxes and moving material of every type. For all D.I.Y moving and handling of electrons try these tips we have outlined below.

    • Contact only qualified technicians to properly remove and uninstall wall-mounted electronics.
    • Move electronics in original cartons with the original packing materials if possible.
    • Cushion your items inside the carton with bubble wrap, paper padding, foam peanuts and Styrofoam.
    • Consult your owner’s manual for special instructions on UHD 4K-8K TVs, Smart Tvs and flat screen TVs.
    • Take pictures of how the wires are organized behind your electronics so they’re easier to set up at your new home.
  • We have professional knowledgeable moving consultants available to assist in all aspects of your move.


Office Relocation Tips

Relocating a office or business can be an extremely stressful process, there is lots of planning and logistics involved in making sure the relocation is completed in a proficient timely manner in order for a organization to function as usual, Time is of the Essence. If an organization does not plan and organize a relocation date correctly, time and money will be lost. This same rule applies with the relocation company you contract with, you will definitely want hire a reputable and reliable

relocation company. Office relocations should always be conducted by highly trained and experienced professionals do to the complexities in involved in disassembling and assembling cubicles, dividers, heavy desks, file cabinets and of course the dreaded huge conference table. In order to make your office relocation experience smooth and free of stress and worry we have some tips that will help.

    • Make sure to have a realistic deadline for your office relocation, especially if out of state.
    • Organize and divide employees into groups that communicate well.
    • Make sure to assign a staff member to transport a backup copy of important files.
    • Staff should transport their own laptops, tablets and copies with sensitive information and files.
    • Have a floor-plan ready for the relocation crew, this will stop any confusion.
  • Hire experienced relocation specialist that are dedicated only to your move.

Through years of experience and countless happy clients DFT Logistics has become the best choice in Professional Moving Companies.